MK 12V 88AH Gel Mobility Scooter Battery

MK 12V 88AH Gel Mobility Scooter Battery
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MK are the leading mobility scooter battery manufacturer because their products perform brilliantly. These 12v 88ah gel mobility scooter batteries are for high performance - daily use, heavy user, tough hills or terrain or long distances often.

Dimensions: H32.6cm x W16.7cm x H24cmMobility Scooter batteries are not VAT exempt.

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Also known as 12v88ah, 12v 88amps/h, 12v 88a/h

Battery tips:

Never leave mobility scooter batteries on charge more than 72 hours - even though the charger may state it turns off, unplug the charger from the wall/mobility scooter completely
You don't need to 'top up' mobility scooter batteries if they aren't being used
Never let gel batteries run completely flat
VRLA batteries (not gels) can recover from being flat, but don't make a habit of it
Only charge the mobility scooter when the battery has been used down to 25% total charge or less. They need a cycle - don't nip to the shop and then charge it - that's overcharging and the batteries could swell, fail or die completely.

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