Have You Seen Our Mod Mobility Scooter Yet?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015  |  Admin


Last night, Bob, Stu and I went to see The Who at the O2 in London. Dad (Bob) took his mod mobility scooter up there and it was a HIT! I personally think Bob thought he was a celebrity for a bit with people taking pictures. He had certainly put some hours  and cost into this Union Jack mobility scooter.

We have done other mobility scooter mods in the past and  provide a mobility scooter wrap service, where you can have whatever graphics you want on your scooter. It's not cheap though, we'll need to have the farings in to get ready for the vinyl company to wrap it. 

For the seat - it was a good 60 hours work. Fully upholstered leather pieces into a Union Jack. We can cover other seats, but again you're looking at a hefty price ticket if we contract out for it. Bob did this Union Jack one but it took him over a year to get right (he doesn't get much time to play!) 

If you fancy getting your mobility scooter modded, give us a call. We can also do smaller jobs or resprays. 

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