Newsletter - 20th August 2015

Thursday, 20 August 2015  |  Admin
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20th August 2014
Mobility Scooter Spare Parts & This Weekend's Clear Out Sale!

We've got over 20,000 used spare parts in stock right now!
We're having a clear out and we've bagged and tagged over 3000 of these spares with a whole floor left to do - give us a call if you're after a specific spare part or check out our website here:
Battery boxes and batteries are now also on the site, with tyres and inner tubes!

WOO! A Sale! (22-23rd August 11am-4pm at our workshop in Hartley DA3 8HA)
In the last eight years, we've acquired loads of random mobility aids that are still boxed - so we thought this weekend we've have an 'open house' sale.
We'll also include some of the mobility scooters that we've got - you could pick up a bargain!

OK, What Else Is New?
You must check out this awesome new canopy that fits 
onto travel scooters. Finally, we can get a canopy to fit these little tiddlers, so we're more than over the moon about it. Have a look here: CLICK



  What About The Catalogue?

We're still using our catalogue until we run out of copies (there are lots left!), and our customers hold on to their copy for years - so we will be still selling all the mobility aids you love. However, we're not putting them online for the general public, we just restructured the website to be more about spare parts and mobility scooters.

If you're after something - give us a call or an email to

If you'd like a copy of our catalogue -give this a click: CLICK 

Wheelie Good Mobility, Unit 1 Chapelwood Enterprise Park, Ash Road, Hartley, Kent DA3 8HA

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