You must pay VAT on tyres and batteries

Use Coupon Voucher code 'VAT20' at checkout and click 'update basket' to activate it

Please complete this form to accompany your discount - failure to do this form and have the discount may incur the extra being charged or cancellation of the order

I declare that I am (or acting on behalf of) a person with a physical or mental impairment, long term or terminal illness or part of a charity or charity-lead care establishment.: 
I acknowledge that VAT Exemption does not apply to broken limbs or other short-term issues.: 
Please state the long-term medical condition (Arthritis, COPD, etc.). This has to be a CONDITION or ILLNESS - putting 'old age', 'mobility problems', 'disabled badge holder' 'broken limb' or 'elderly' is not accepted:
Full Name of Declarer Completing This Form:
Name of Patient / Establishment / Charity:
Address of Patient / Establishment / Charity:
Charity Number:
Reclaim of VAT: Make and Model of mobility scooter: *
Please add the two numbers and enter the result, this is to prove you're human and not a spam robot.


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