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Roomba Indoor Rollator£149.99   £129.99

We have a wide range of used mobility scooter models available at our workshop in Hartley, Kent. There you can find the used mobility scooter you're looking for, all fully serviced with a free 3-month warranty and 3-months insurance. We provide secondhand mobility scooters in the South East only as we like to know we're local should you need us. We sell new mobility scooters worldwide, as they are boxed and can be shipped anywhere. In the UK, all new mobility scooters are delivered free with a member of staff to unpack and demonstrate it in your home.  
We also sell a wide range of mobility scooter sheds, mobility scooter shelters and covers for the seat
Used mobility scooters - Secondhand mobility scooters - second hand mobility scooters
Our range of new mobility products is huge. We pride our collection from suppliers all over the world, offering you the widest range of mobility aids possible. You can find the item you need by using the drop down menu above and you can select the mobility product or category you're looking for. You might even find a mobility aid you didn't even know existed!
Physiotherapists and carers are busy bees, so we have put the best rehab supplies all in one place on our site. It means that they spend less time searching and more time consulting. The rehab aid range has all from Therabands to bouncy balls, weights to heel protectors. Rehabilitation is so important, be sure to always do your home exercises!
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