VAT Declaration

Some items on our website are eligible for the VAT to be reclaimed by the customers and can be reclaimed by completing this form below. 
You Must Contact Us To Request Your VAT Refund by clicking here (opens new window) 
and completing the form below

Items which can have VAT returned: Used and new mobility scooter parts that are solely for a Class 1 and Class 2 mobility scooter
Items NOT reclaimable: All tyres, innertubes, batteries and anything for an 8mph mobility scooter 

I declare that I am (or acting on behalf of) a person with a physical or mental impairment, long term or terminal illness or part of a charity or charity-lead care establishment.: 
I acknowledge that VAT Exemption does not apply to broken limbs or other short-term issues.: 
Please state the long-term medical condition (Arthritis, COPD, etc.). This has to be a CONDITION or ILLNESS - putting 'old age', 'mobility problems', 'disabled badge holder' 'broken limb' or 'elderly' is not accepted:
Full Name of Declarer Completing This Form:
Name of Patient / Establishment / Charity:
Address of Patient / Establishment / Charity:
Charity Number:
Reclaim of VAT: Make and Model of mobility scooter: *
Please add the two numbers and enter the result, this is to prove you're human and not a spam robot.

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